Augmented reality

    We did a class on augmented reality and using QR codes in the classroom. It is fitting as the final class because this seems like the most complex use of tech in the classroom and it’s very hardware … Read More

Scratch coding

  I tried scratch early in the year to figure out what it was about, but free exploring just got me to a cat with a word bubble floating around, so looked up a tutorial on creating video games in … Read More

Stick Nodes

Stick nodes was an introduction to a different type of animation, where instead of drawing each frame new, you manipulate a continuous figure frame to frame.   There are many programs of varied complexity which allow you to animate using … Read More

Animation Desk

    This is a flipaclip alternative, which doesn’t require mac ios 10 or higher. It is roughly equivalent to flipaclip, but it lacks flipaclip’s clean simple interface. There are many menus full of options and the most important functions … Read More

Animation project

    I have always admired animation as an art form, but never broke into the medium. Its application in the classroom seems quite broad. Allowing students to create animations is a fun way to encourage independence and creativity. As … Read More